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Fox warning issued in Iglulik

Two foxes have been seen in Iglulik, prompting a warning from the government about possible health risks.

Anyone bitten or scratched by a fox -- or by a dog, which can pick up rabies and other diseases from foxes -- should go to the health centre for assessment immediately, the Department of Health advised on Monday.

A conservation officer should be contacted by anyone who witnesses an animal behaving strangely, staggering, frothing at the mouth, choking or making strange noises.

Rabies can also be transferred if an infected animal is being skinned or handled by hunters who have cuts on their skin, the Department of Health noted.

Anyone who spots a fox or wolf wandering around the community, or if your dog had contact with a fox or wolf, call Iglulik's wildlife manager at 867-934-6326, the regional environmental health officer at 867-473-2676 or the after-hours environmental health at 867-975-5772.