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Gearing up for back to school

Hello from Cambridge Bay.

The summer is flying by very fast. Everyone is busy and the weather is different this year.

Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
Representatives from the Arctic Research Foundation and Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada on board the research vessel Martin Bergmann in Cambridge Bay getting ready to do some work out on the Arctic Ocean and area August 9. From left: Peter Van Buren, Linda Rotermundt, Brian Boudreau, Mike Dempsey, Adrian Schimnowski, Eric Schimnowski, Clyde Bursey, Yves Bernard, Daniel McIsaac, Kristina Brown.

Everyone is happy to see the ice gone from around the island and the travelling area.

Although the ice was late to go this year, people were still able to go boating, hunting and camping on the mainland, and go to their homelands.

A few families were successful hunting caribou, which are scarce nowadays in our area. We are so happy to be able to still eat caribou, but can't as much as we did long ago.

Fish are still plentiful in our area. Cambridge Bay is known to be a fishing village and the Inuit here grew up on fish. Harvesting fish is a way of life.

Fish is a healthy diet for everyone. We are so lucky in Cambridge Bay to be able to harvest fish, mainly Arctic char.

Many of our elders and residents are busy harvesting fish, making dry-fish and stocking up for the winter.

So if you're in Cambridge Bay, come and have some fresh Arctic char.

Now that August is here, we all know that school will reopen again and summer holidays will finish for our school children.

The first day back to school is Friday, Aug. 17 at 8:45 a.m.

Parents, grandparents and residents of Cambridge Bay always look forward to see who's starting kindergarten.

We also have a preschool program here which is run by the Wellness Centre.

Final planning for pre-school is still being finalized by staff at the wellness centre. Stay tuned for start dates. Pre-school will be held at the youth centre. Meanwhile application forms can still be picked up from the front desk at the wellness centre.

We hope that all our children had a great, fun and safe summer. Good luck for another school year!

And welcome back to our teachers and principals.

Summer in Cambridge Bay has been extremely busy with construction. We have a new subdivision coming up already and they've already built new roads. They've started with new housing and apartments, which is badly needed in Cambridge Bay.

Slowly, we can overcome the shortage of housing and the overcrowding with the support of each other and our leaders to build a healthy community.

Cambridge Bay has grown tremendously. We have many new families coming for Arctic College and the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS). We welcome all new families moving to Cambridge Bay.

Have a great year, and welcome to Cambridge Bay once again.

CHARS and Polar Knowledge Canada have had many scientists, researchers and biologists coming in to do their summer work, both on land and in the water. We hope everyone had a safe and successful summer.
We look forward to the grand opening of CHARS.

The Arctic Research Foundation and their crew have been busy already, sailing on the Arctic Ocean, doing their research work and studies.

We wish everyone another successful summer of work. Be safe! It is important that the residents of Cambridge Bay and area know what everyone is doing on the ocean and on the land. Keep the elders informed of what's going on on their land.

Quana for involving the residents and elders of Nunavut while you do the important work of the foundation.

God be with you son.