Residents of Bathurst Inlet paid a visit to their mining neighbours on July 16. A full site tour, dinner and discussion of the exploration and mining activities ensued.

Matthew Pickard, Sabina Gold & Silver’s vice-president of environment and sustainability, said the company has provided medical support to Bathurst residents and has aided hunters from Bathurst Inlet and Bay Chimo by transporting fuel.

Bathurst Inlet residents, who live approximately 75 km northeast of Sabina’s future mine site, visit a Sabina camp in July. Among the guests were Sam Kapolak, Susie Kapolak, Shayne Kapolak, Bernice Kapolak, Allen Kapolak, Connie Kapolak, Chania Kapolak, Inuk Kapolak, Amik Kapolak, Joanne Kamingoak, Peter Kapolak, Martina Kapolak and Dustin Kapolak. Photos courtesy of Sabina Gold & Silver
A smiling Dustin Kapolak, right, takes a seat next to a Sabina employee in a piece of heavy equipment. Sabina is constructing a gold mine in the area and continues to explore for additional sources of the precious metal. 
Getting the lay of the land at Sabina’s marine laydown area are, from left, Colin Fraser, Connie Kapolak, Joanne Kamingoak, Chania Kapolak and Bernice Kapolak. 
This is an aerial view of Sabina’s 45-person camp at the marine laydown area, where supplies are received. In the winter months, a 160-km seasonal road leads to the Goose site, where a mine will be built.

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