Gjoa Haven hosted its second annual Umiyaqtutt Festival Aug. 25-Sept. 3.

The celebration, which features feasts, games and cultural demonstrations, heralds the discovery of the Franklin shipwrecks HMS Erebus and HMS Terror and the role the Inuit played in locating the long-lost vessels, as well as in protecting them as a national historic site in partnership with Parks Canada.

Elder Susie Konana wears a caribou skin parka with kamiik at the Umiyaqtutt Festival fashion show in Gjoa Haven. Konana won the traditional category at the fashion show, taking home $1,000. Sarah Oogak earned $750 for second place while Martha Aqittuk received $500 for third place.
Elder Martha Atkichok dresses in a seal skin parka at the Umiyaqtutt Festival fashion show. In the modern clothing category, Salomie Qitsualiq prevailed and earned a $1,000 gift card from the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven. Claudia Apiana’s second place prize was $750 while Mollie Apiana received $500 for third place.
Elder Sarah Ulikatak models a parka during Gjoa Haven’s Umiyaqtutt Festival. She finished in fourth place in the traditional clothing competition.
Donald Kogvik engages in a game of skill known as ayaagaq in Inuktitut at the Umiyaqtutt Festival in Gjoa Haven. Barbara Okpik/Parks Canada photo
Elders sing a drum song at the opening of the Umiyaqtutt Festival in Gjoa Haven. From left, Mary Aqiliriaq, Alisa Kammimalik and Miriam Aglukkaq.

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