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Gjoa Haven to vote on liquor restrictions

A petition has brought about a Dec. 9 plebiscite on potentially changing Gjoa Haven from a community where alcohol is prohibited to one where restricted quantities of liquor can be imported.

Residents of Gjoa Haven will have the opportunity to vote on Dec. 9 on whether to retain prohibition on alcohol or to move to a restricted quantity system. Pixabay photo

Such petitions are required to have a minimum of 20 verified signatures.

Voters will be asked to answer this question:

“Are you in favour of replacing the current prohibition system in the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven and surrounding area with a restricted quantities system? In addition to the general liquor laws of Nunavut, the restricted quantities system would limit the amount of liquor that a person can purchase in or import into the community every 14 days to:

(a) one litre of spirits;
(b) four litres of wine; and
(c) eleven litres of beer"

This system would not require the establishment of an alcohol education committee.

A similar vote was held in Sanikiluaq in February -- with different proposed restricted quantities of liquor -- but it failed with only 37 per cent support. Sixty per cent of voters must endorse a change to the community's alcohol importation status for a change to occur.

Elections Nunavut will oversee the plebiscite.