A petition has brought about a Dec. 9 plebiscite on potentially changing Gjoa Haven from a community where alcohol is prohibited to one where restricted quantities of liquor can be imported.

Residents of Gjoa Haven will have the opportunity to vote on Dec. 9 on whether to retain prohibition on alcohol or to move to a restricted quantity system. Pixabay photo

Such petitions are required to have a minimum of 20 verified signatures.

Voters will be asked to answer this question:

“Are you in favour of replacing the current prohibition system in the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven and surrounding area with a restricted quantities system? In addition to the general liquor laws of Nunavut, the restricted quantities system would limit the amount of liquor that a person can purchase in or import into the community every 14 days to:

(a) one litre of spirits;
(b) four litres of wine; and
(c) eleven litres of beer”

This system would not require the establishment of an alcohol education committee.

A similar vote was held in Sanikiluaq in February — with different proposed restricted quantities of liquor — but it failed with only 37 per cent support. Sixty per cent of voters must endorse a change to the community’s alcohol importation status for a change to occur.

Elections Nunavut will oversee the plebiscite.

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  1. Ppl will complain about this. They’ll start blaming alcohol for how shitty a person behaves when they drink. They always blame the alcohol and not the person for their actions. Those same people who blames alcohol goes crazy for weed when they don’t get their fix as if they’re no different to ppl who lose control when they drink. They get mad over weed and then say “sorry, I just needed to smoke” yelling and shouting all day just because of them not getting their weed. A person can drink and depends on how much they consume, they either lose control or pass out.

    Any type of addiction is awful but you can’t blame someone else for selling it to them when they don’t get their fix, they really should see the person’s behaviour and tell them to look at what they do and slow down or just quit in general. Not all drinkers are bad ppl just like not all stoners are burnouts right?

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