The Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) is moving ahead with independent reviews of its policies and practices and has awarded two related contracts.

NVision Insight Group Inc. has been chosen complete a rent scale review, Minister Patterk Netser revealed in the legislative assembly on Wednesday. The NHC aims to address concerns related to the rent scale’s “application and fairness to Nunavummiut,” said Netser.

Colliers Project Leaders Inc. will undertake an analysis of the NHC’s method of allocating new homes to communities as well as approaches to construction and associated costs.

Final reports from these reviews are expected next spring and “will hopefully be available by June 2021,” according to Netser.

“I hope the reviews and the information presented in the final reports demonstrate to my colleagues and members of the public that NHC is transparent and accountable,” the minister said. “I take the concerns of Nunavummiut seriously and want to ensure that public housing and homeownership program are delivered with fairness and transparency to those in need.”

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