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GN raises percentage of female polar bears that can be hunted

The GN is prepared to allow hunters to harvest up to 50 per cent females with tags issued to communities, Environment Minister Joe Savikataaq announced on Monday.

The GN is permitting communities to harvest up to 50 per cent female polar bears, Environment Minister Joe Savikataaq announced Monday. Pixabay photo

The previous policy was two males had to be hunted for every female.

The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s recommendation was to increase the ratio of females that can be harvested, which many Nunavummiut requested, Savikataaq acknowledged. He accepted that recommendation, adding that it will be applicable to all polar bear sub-populations in the territory.

"By implementing the Nunavut Polar Bear Co-Management Plan, the Department of Environment is demonstrating a commitment to support the harvesters now, and assurance to preserve our wildlife for future generations of Nunavummiut," Savikataaq stated.