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Government of Nunavut launches program to increase wages for essential workers

George Hickes, finance minister, announces the launch of the Nunavut Essential Workers Wage Premium program on May 28. Rajnesh Sharma/NNSL photo

Eligible employers may receive funds from the Government of Nunavut (GN) in order to pay essential workers higher wages.

Under a new program called Nunavut Essential Workers Wage Premium, starting on June 1, employees who earn $20 or less per hour will earn an extra five dollars per hour. Employees who receive between $20 and $25 per hour will receive $25 per hour.

This funding will be available for employers to support their employees for 16 weeks.

“To start, our government is targeting employers who provide health and social services to vulnerable Nunavummiut,” said Finance Minister George Hickes, during a May 28 press conference.

Organizations like shelters, group homes, food banks and boarding homes would qualify for the program, explained Hickes.

The program is also open to licensed daycare facilities, he added.

Depending on program take-up and funding availability, the GN will consider expanding eligibility to employers in other sectors in the future.

To find more information about the application process and program visit starting Monday.

“I strongly encourage employers in the sectors I mentioned to apply for the Nunavut Essential Workers Wage Premium,” said Hickes.

Other Updates

There are still no Covid-19 cases in Nunavut. 124 people are presently under investigation for Covid-19.

Nunavut’s Public Health Emergency has been extended until June 11.

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