Graduate Alesha-Elijah Tiglik praises Inuksuk High School for the supportive staff and learning opportunities provided to students.

“If the school didn’t have as much support as they do, it would not have been a pleasant four years. When things got rough I always had people to turn to, and to talk to,” said Tiglik.

“I cannot wait to see what the future has in place for me and my fellow graduates,” says graduate Alesha-Elijah Tiglik. photo courtesy of Alesha-Elijah Tiglik.

“Inuksuk high school was a second home to many students and I am very glad that I attended such a loving and encouraging school.”

The most rewarding thing for Tiglik, she explained, was being able to travel and learn about other cultures while being able to teach others about hers.

“These trips allow us to gain independence, time management and responsibilities (since we have) to fundraise for them.”

The graduate plans to attend Nunavut Sivuniksavut in Ottawa in fall 2021. She hopes to become fluent in Inuktitut and then return back to Nunavut to start a career in the mental health field.

“I want to become a mental health counsellor here in Nunavut to try and help my community get the sources they need as mental health is a big issue here in the north,” she said.

For now however, she has her mind set on saving up for her future studies.

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