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Greenland donates $100,000 toward food security in Iqaluit in wake of last year's Northmart fire

The Government of Greenland has donated $100,000 to help improve food security in Iqaluit, a move prompted by media coverage following last November's Northmart warehouse fire.

Following the Northmart warehouse fire last November, the Government of Greenland decided to make a $100,000 contribution to help battle food insecurity in Iqaluit.
Frank Reardon photo

The funds are being turned over to the City of Iqaluit’s Makkuttukkuvik Youth Centre cooking club, the Apex District Education Authority’s School Food Security and Nutrition program and the Iqaluit District Education Authority, to support cooking clubs and programs at the Inuksuk, Aqsarniit, Joamie and Nakashuk schools, Elisapee Sheutiapik, minister responsible for poverty reduction, announced in the legislative assembly on Thursday.

"This incredible contribution will help build food preparation skills for the youth of Iqaluit, and create lifelong skills to help build food security. It’s a wonderful example of Pilimmaksarniq in action," Sheutiapik said. "The Government of Nunavut values our continued friendship with Naalakersuisut, Government of Greenland and we look forward to fostering our relations in the future. I want to formally and publicly thank them for this incredible gift; it means so much to the community of Iqaluit. As we all know, food insecurity remains a reality for far too many Nunavummiut, and the impacts of it are far-reaching. I would also like to commend the hard work and dedication of the community volunteers who continue to work to build food security across Nunavut."