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Grizzly shot in Kugluktuk

A local hunter shot and killed a two-year-old male grizzly bear on Sept. 18. The predator wandered into the community that day, as it had the previous two days.

A grizzly bear, similar to the one in this photo, was shot and killed in Kugluktuk in the morning of Sept. 18 after it repeatedly came into the community.
Pixabay photo

The bear, which was within a normal weight range, was not "overly aggressive" but it was foraging for food and attempting to get into garbage bins, which could have led to more aggressive behaviour, according to Daniel Pimentel, director of policy, planning and legislation with the Department of Environment.

The bear's carcass was taken to Kugluktuk high school, where it was used for educational purposes, Pimentel noted.

"Students learned about skinning techniques, and were able to ask questions to the hunter as well as to the conservation officers," he stated. "It became a learning opportunity for the whole community."