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Hairdressing student earns ‘best of region’ award

Cambridge Bay's Teghan Angulalik earned the "best of region" award in secondary hairstyling at the Skills Canada national competition, which was held in Edmonton, June 4-5.

Teghan Angulalik of Cambridge Bay, who hopes to own a hairdressing business one day, was Nunavut's top secondary-level performer at the Skills Canada national competition in Edmonton earlier this month.
photo courtesy of Skills Canada Nunavut

She was among more than a dozen competitors in that category, which she found more intimidating than territorials because there were people watching, she said.

Angulalik, 17, was required to demonstrate a men's hairstyle, a women's hairstyle, a wedding "updo" and recreate a hairstyle from a photo, all on mannequin's heads.

"It is probably the best I did in hairstyling so far," she said of her efforts. "I just really like braiding hair and I've been cutting my brother's hair for a couple of years now so I figured I'd take a shot at Skills (Canada) and then got to go to nationals."

Angulalik, who will be entering Grade 12 in the fall, said the idea of a hairdressing career is appealing to her.

"I'd like to go to school for hairstyling and then possibly own a business," she said.

Skills Canada Nunavut commended Angulalik via social media for her accomplishment at nationals.

"Teghan trained so hard this year and we are hoping she comes back again next year to go for gold! Her dedication, talent, and perseverance is inspiring!" the organization's Facebook page read.