Terry Fox runs took place across Nunavut in September and in Hall Beach the proceeds were kept close to home.

Hall Beach recreation coordinator Paul Haulli stands alongside Monica Panikpakutsuk, who the community helped out by donating money to her from the Terry Fox Run. Monica’s husband succumbed to cancer in early September. photo courtesy of Helen Panikpakutsuk

Nearly $500 was donated to Monica Panikpakutsuk, who lost her husband Abraham to cancer in early September, shortly after his August diagnosis.

“I thank you all so much for giving support to her. She thanks you all from the bottom of her heart,” her daughter Helen wrote on Facebook following the donation.

“They really helped her,” Helen told Nunavut News.

Recreation coordinator Paul Haulli said coming to Panikpakutsuk’s aid was the top priority.

“We decided to give it to the family so they can get some food or something,” he said.

The Sept. 13 Terry Fox Run brought out hundreds of school students and other community members, the RCMP, and even the fire truck.

“There was a lot of people. It was a very good turnout,” said Haulli.

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