Jeremy Maley is modestly settling into being a role model and hometown hero of sorts since becoming a pilot and first officer for Calm Air this past month.

First officer Jeremy Maley of Rankin Inlet became the first Inuk pilot in history to fly for Calm Air when he was hired by the airline recently.
Photo taken Dec. 7, 2018, in Arviat. Photo courtesy Jeremy Maley

Maley, 21, of Rankin Inlet fell in love with flying at an early age thanks to his pilot father, Shawn Maley, who took him up into the skies for numerous flights in his float plane.

It was around the age of 14 the younger Maley decided he wanted to be a commercial pilot and make his living flying the Northern skies.

He said he obtained his private licence by the age of 18 and was off to college and flight school to obtain his commercial licence.

He said he didn’t think much about where he’d be flying once his training was done and it was a pleasant surprise to find himself based in Rankin Inlet and flying with Calm Air.

“I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go at first, and my plans kind of changed once or twice, but I saw Calm Air as always being an option and I now have a pretty good foot in the door there,” he said. “It’s been great so far, so I can’t complain.”

Jeremy has started his professional career flying ATRs for Calm Air, becoming the first Inuk pilot to fly for the airline. He said he likes that every day is a little different and comes with its own challenges and rewards.

“It’s been adventure for me so far, that’s for sure.”

Maley said he’s pretty content to be in Rankin Inlet right now and he hopes to stay for at least the next few years.

Shortly after he started flying with Calm Air, selfies of all kinds started popping up all over social media as there was no shortage of people who wanted to have a photo taken with the Inuk pilot from Rankin Inlet.

Maley took it all in stride, although he does admit to being a little surprised and overwhelmed by the number of people who asked him for a photo.

Being Rankin Inlet raised with an Inuk mother, Chantal Taylor, Maley is living proof your dreams can be realized if you’re willing to put in the work to obtain them.

He said it’s a bit different being looked to as a role model, but he’s gradually warming up to the idea.

Maley said he loves to fly and he really can’t picture himself doing any other job.
He said flying doesn’t feel like a job to him at all.

“I really enjoy the approaching-the-runway part of it and the landings,” he said. “And the views you see from the front when in the air are absolutely stunning.”

“I didn’t expect to see anything as stunning as what I’ve been seeing, and it’s actually been really enjoyable to take a minute up at that altitude to take a couple of pictures.”

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