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Hundreds involved in carving program

Hundreds of residents took part in a three-month carving program that wrapped up in early April.

The initiative, intended to promote carving in Kugluktuk, got elementary students and some high school students involved through the Brighter Futures program. Young men in the community up to age 25 who were interested in participating could spend an evening each week taking lessons from a couple of local veteran carvers.

"We have really great carvers in the community, obviously. This was a chance for them to work with the younger population on those skills," said Jodi Alderson, coordinator of the Moving Forward Together program, which worked alongside the hamlet's wellness department to spearhead the initiative.

"It's gone over very well... I think it's definitely got some momentum behind it," said Alderson.

Funding came through the Department of Economic Development and another proposal will be submitted for a similar program in the near future, she added.