A hunting party took up a position at the Mary River iron mine airstrip on Thursday night and also set up a blockade along the nearby Milne Tote Road.

Baffinland Iron Mines, which operates the Mary River mine, issued a news release on Friday morning stating that the company “respects the right to peacefully protest and continues to work with the hunting party to maintain the safety of everyone at Mary River. Communication between the hunting party and Baffinland is ongoing.”

The mine is located 160 km south of Pond Inlet.

A second week of contentious regulatory hearings is close to wrapping up in Pond Inlet. The hearings are examining Baffinland’s plans for expansion at the iron mine, entailing an increase in production to 12 million tonnes of iron ore per year from the existing six million tonnes. A 110-km railway and a significant jump in shipping are also proposed components of the expansion. Harvesters have raised numerous concerns about impacts on the environment and wildlife.

This story will be updated as more details emerge on the blockade.

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  1. a lot of marine life and land animals have been impacted especially drinking water around Baffin Island that well cause serious health issues in few years for sure well see the outcome with high numbers it’s a sad story especially when I found 4 dead bowhead whale in October 2020 while hunting a lot on my mind is it the mining company or was there seismic testing we don’t know about?

  2. Some people just don’t know what is good for them, so what if they stopped phase 2, those “hunters” aren’t going to support or help ppl find jobs.

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