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Icebreaking expected to begin around Iqaluit

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Terry Fox is expected to escort the MT Kitikmeot W, an oil/chemical tanker, into Iqaluit on or around Friday as part of sealift operations, the Coast Guard announced on Wednesday.

“It is strongly recommended that all traffic on the ice, including pedestrians, hunters, snowmobilers, and all-terrain vehicle operators, avoid the area during icebreaking operations. The ice may move, creating a real danger for anyone on it,” the Coast Guard advised. “Additionally, please plan activities carefully and use extreme caution after operations are complete as the ice will remain unstable even once the icebreaker has left the area.”

Operational requirements or weather conditions could affect the date in question, the Coast Guard added.

The Canadian Coast Guard ship Terry Fox is expected in Frobisher Bay on or around Friday.
photo courtesy of the Canadian Coast Guard