Despite several other events taking place around Iqaluit, a crowd of about 175 took in an all-Inuktitut concert at Inuksuk High School Jan. 20.

“Just goes to show the hunger for Inuktitut music,” said The Trade-Offs’ Jeff Maurice, who was in attendance.

Iglulik’s Lazarus (Mister) Qattalik, with guitar, and Allan Kangok on keyboard played original music from Qattalik’s new album Iqippagit at Alianait’s first concert of 2018 Jan. 20.
Michele LeTourneau/NNSL photo

The ever-popular Northern Haze, in Iqaluit to record a new album, were also in attendance.

The first set featured Iglulik’s Lazarus (Mister) Qattalik, accompanied by Allan Kangok on keyboards, playing his original songs from freshly-released CD Iqippagit.

For the second set of the night, Daniel Kolola, Charlie Panipak and Mason Angnakak joined the duo for their renditions of Inuktitut classics: songs by Susan and Etulu Aningmiuq, Charlie Adams and Charlie Panigoniak, several raucous songs by the Johnny Cash of the North, Simon Sigjariak, as well as songs by the band in the audience, Northern Haze.

The concert was Alianait’s first offering of 2018.

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