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Iglulik households receive food donations

Meat, fresh vegetables, fruit and other staples have been distributed to households throughout Iglulik.

The community hall in Iglulik was recently filled with food to give away to households in the community. In addition to fruit and vegetables, a variety of meats were available: chicken, pork chops, beef roast, pork roast, hamburger and steak.
Photo courtesy of the Hamlet of Igloolik

The Hamlet of Igloolik used funding from various levels of government to purchase groceries through the local Co-op and Arctic Fresh.

Each residence received the same amount of food – the equivalent of two large shopping bags worth – which also included items such as milk, sugar, coffee, noodles and rice.

“It was really well received… it’s all nutritional stuff,” said Greg Morash, the municipality’s senior administrative officer. “What happened was some people didn’t like one thing so they traded off with other people.”

The Rangers volunteered to distribute the food as recently as earlier this week.

In addition, the Igloolik Hunters and Trappers Association gave away char over the past few weeks, Morash noted.

The hamlet has also issued 540 food vouchers in the amount of $150 for residents in need since April 1, as well as some diapers and baby formula, according to Mayor Merlyn Recinos.

Morash added that the municipality’s economic development officer has been applying to charities to obtain more diapers and baby formula.

“That’s a huge expense. Pampers are really pricey up here so we’re trying to get that done for (single mothers),” he said.