The Iglulik Hunters and Trappers Association (HTA) is turning to the Government of Nunavut for money to cover the demolition of several old outpost camps.

Most of the wooden cabins are located on the shoreline of the mainland, approximately 90 to 100 km from Iglulik, said Jacob Malliki, manager of the HTA. The buildings were formerly occupied but have been abandoned.

“None of them are being used because they’re all rotting. They all broken,” said Malliki, adding that most of them are close to 20 years old.

These days it’s more common for families to have cabins much closer to the community, he said, noting that modern amenities such as electricity and wi-fi are desired by some owners of today’s shelters on the land.

If the HTA is successful in obtaining funding, it will hire some local people to remove the old buildings, Malliki said, adding that he was part of a cleanup crew for even older outpost camps 30 to 35 years ago.

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