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Iglulik prepares for elders gathering

Invitations have been extended to Nunavut and Nunavik communities to send participants to an annual elders gathering during the second week of August.

Iglulik will host an elders gathering in August. In addition to having an open forum to discuss elders' issues, there will be recreational and cultural activities.
Photo courtesy of Jose Quezada

Between 200-300 elders are expected to attend the event in Iglulik.

"They're going to be talking about social problems and tradition," said Greg Morash, Iglulik's senior administrative officer.

There will be a community feast and various recreational and social activities throughout the week, Morash added.

Local residents are being asked to billet the visiting elders in their homes, a responsibility that will result in compensation from the hamlet.

Municipalities must pay for the travel costs and registration for elders from their communities. There are several funding avenues each municipality can approach to help cover expenses, he noted.

Last year's gathering was held in Sanikiluaq and it was decided there that Iglulik would host this year's event.