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IN MY VIEW: Adapting to the immediate

As each season changes, we adapt to those conditions as best as we can. When winter arrives, we don our heavy wind pants and down-filled parkas. We put on woollen socks and wear our kamiks or ski-doo boots. Then, when spring comes, we put away the heavier clothes and put on light windbreakers and rubber boots and so on with each seasonal change. As mentioned at the opening, we adapt to the conditions and dress accordingly.

Our emotions and physical adaptations are quite similar. There are times of excitement, jubilation, frustration and anxiety. Most of us are fairly stable and we recognize the environment or atmosphere of our present or current circumstances and we adjust our actions and reactions to these.

We are born with all the emotions that we experience daily and we need to allow these emotions to manifest themselves in every situation and circumstance. As we allow ourselves to show these emotions in various situations, we soon learn to control these emotions so that we do not go overboard.

Perhaps this is easier said than done and it really depends on your stability and self-awareness. I've heard a phrase that says "Nobody knows you better than yourself", and so with each experience, your true self is exposed.

You are not a weak person if you find yourself feeling anxious or upset or angry. Your body is just reacting to sudden changes in your engagements or environment. This quick reaction could be the result of unexpected news or a long-awaited medical report or a change in your economic status. Whatever the case may be, we have to weigh the balances and make the necessary adjustments.

Our precious little ones have an incredible built-in radar and have this uncanny sense that something is not quite right with mom and they react immediately. If this signal from the little one is prolonged and unchecked, it will affect them emotionally, mentally and physically. As we try and be connected and engaged, there is nothing wrong with talking about your present state and expressing yourself and adjusting your thoughts and feelings in stride.

Be courageous, take control and speak from your heart.