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IN MY VIEW: Attitude of gratitude

My, how time flies! We are now preparing for man's greatest celebration: Christmas, Christ's birthday.

In My View with Harry Maksagak
In My View with Harry Maksagak

I certainly hope that the Christmas concerts across Nunavut depict the Nativity Scene in earnest. We have all noticed that, like the secular world, everything has a commercial connotation to it. Our children who put the concerts on do not realize that their performances do not emphasize why we have these Christmas concerts.

Some will suggest that being reminded (preached at) is not a good thing but, on the other hand, if we do not remind each other then what I'm writing on is just another point of interest or just a common story. In my view this is not just another story – this goes back in time and although institutions and intellects tried to stamp it out completely, we are still celebrating this important occasion.

From our daily attempts in having everyone have a sense of belonging, purpose and inclusiveness, the account of Christmas ultimately personifies this.

This is a time of thinking of others and putting oneself aside for the betterment and comfort of people in need, or just to let them know that someone was thinking of them.

One of our granddaughters came over one day when she heard that grandma wasn't feeling well and, as she hung up her jacket, she blurted out rather loudly, "I'm here grandma to do your dishes!" This precious grandchild showed her willingness to help at the tender age of four.

How much more as adults we need to do this. Do not only give eye service or lip service but put this into action. That's what giving is all about. You can give of your time, finances and just be there for someone who needs to vent or to just enjoy the company.

It has been noted too that this time of year can be very challenging and lonely. This would be a good opportunity for the young to mingle more with the elderly and to attempt to close the gap a little more.

As we begin to plan on decorating and finding that perfect gift, let's also be more aware of those who have not and take on the thought of being thankful for what I (we) have.