As we begin the celebration of Christmas, let’s look beyond ourselves and consider those who have fallen on hard times: homeless, jobless, loss of close ones and family members. As a songwriter put it, “Lift your eyes out of despair and look into hope and peace.” I quote this with all sincerity and good wishes.

In My View with Harry Maksagak

We are also coming to the close of another year and it is a good thing to look back but just briefly and count all your blessings of yesteryear. Some of us were able to make things a bit more comfortable and to engage in more outdoor activities like going out on the land and enjoying the cabin. Whatever we were involved in makes for a memory or good memories.

I think we are all in the place of being able to think outside the box and this is where we can reflect on how we’ve been able to engage at work and in the public in general.

For those in the service sector and caregiving capacity, we thank you. Those who put self completely aside in the best interest of the needy are doing something that is not easy.

There are folks in extended care need, there are children who have been separated from the most precious environment – the family circle – and there are people who are struggling with various forms of addiction, and many other situations and circumstances that have brought us down.

The people who engage in very public capacities around enforcement and up-keep of rules, regulations and laws literally put their life in their hands as they do this for our protection. This is where fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive begins to stir up hope.

As we look back and say, “Did I accomplish my goals and objectives? Did I get involved in ensuring social justice? Did I contribute more than complaining? Have I cleaned house physically by giving out the extras and have I cleaned house personally; that is a change of attitude, a change of heart, change the way of how I think towards others?”

We must not be afraid to begin to change. When a ‘change’ is introduced, there is hesitation and a fear of the unknown. This is where the phrase, “think outside the box”, comes from. To embrace change is to empower oneself in positive movement forward.

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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