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IN MY VIEW: Focus on healing, not liquor stores

I find it so heart-breaking that the liquor retail outlet will continue to be open regularly and more to open down the road and for our people who are trying to get a grip on this situation have no help. I recall a former leader resigned a very important position within the legislative assembly around the principle of this matter. We are very quick to respond in feeding the negative habits yet we are saying we have no means to assist with shelters or treatment centres; there is something wrong with that picture.

Establishing treatment centres will enable and empower our people in determining the root cause of substance use and abuse. I have faith in our people and many times they just need the encouragement and understanding that there are individuals who are willing to listen and help in finding the path to positive thinking and a better lifestyle.

If we listen carefully, we can hear our children expressing their wish for mom and dad to be home with them and to do activities together, but substance interferes and begins to tear the family apart. The first love that bonded the partners together begins to thin and soon they break up, adding more pain and disillusionment in these precious young ones. I've heard young people say that I will not start drinking because I see what it did to my parents. 

As I mentioned earlier, liquor/cannabis outlets are easy to establish and maintain and the black market is thriving, yet treatment centres are too expensive?

My community is trying to keep the 28-day on-the-land healing programs alive. Once again in the summer and early fall there will be the women's program and then the men's program for those who want to find ways in changing their attitude about themselves and their loved ones. As we begin to understand ourselves and to really know who we are, we then can engage with others more comfortably. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little extra help.