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IN MY VIEW: Keeping a sense of balance

How quickly life and lifestyle changes as a result of an incident or circumstance. With an amazing array of modern medical approaches, we can go through the situation with hope and confidence. Unfortunately, this is not the case all the time but the majority of us will weather the storm.

I'd like to include a thought that sometimes gets me in hot water, but I don't use my words idly.

Several issues back I referred to the fact that we need to have a sense of balance. As much as humanly possible we need to be in control. Having this personal control does not come easy nor are we able to maintain control because of outside influences. In this present time, it is the Covid-19 virus that has snuffed out any sense of control, but we will overcome soon.

My thought for you to ponder on is this sense of balance. This covers our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual domains.

In most of our workplaces there is provided a number to call if we begin to feel overwhelmed with pressures of all sorts.
We can talk to a mental health specialist if our mind is swirling and playing tricks on us. We can walk or exercise to keep ourselves active and in reasonable physical condition.

To round out this circle to have this sense of balance is our spiritual connection. I could use some choice words in this particular domain, but the secular world of humanism will always make me feel like I am putting people on the spot. I will use the most common phrase by saying, "we can connect with our higher power" because we all admit that there is something out there bigger than me and always seems to come through when we have no other recourse in finding answers or help. This completes the circle of balance and we always leave out the spiritual because we all think we can handle everything that is thrown our way. In my view this is just pride that is trying to cover up our frailty and our human weakness.

There is a deep void with this particular virus in that families are kept apart and the only connection with our loved ones is through the phone or texting. Very impersonal but necessary so that we do not spread this virus around.

Be strong, courageous and know that this will pass and you will then realize how precious your family is.