Moving forward involves positivity and confidence in accomplishing a thought or a plan. This also includes more than one person and/or organizations.

There must be serious thought and discussions for something to move ahead. A strong conviction with vivid explanations on why the thought or scheme should be accepted and carried out. To illustrate perhaps another way to move forward, I could use some personal experience while counselling a young man.

I had the privilege and occasion to speak with a young man who had thoughts that he was not getting anywhere in his personal relationships. He started off by saying “I am on an up-hill climb every day”. I immediately replied good for you. He looked at me and quickly said, “what do you mean good for me?”

I said at least you are not at the bottom of the hill but climbing slowly.

There must be acceptance and acknowledgement as well in order to remain positive. We determine within ourselves and choose not to be down and out for too long. We need time to access where we are then put a plan in place for reconciliation and restoration. This may be difficult at times but as long as we are consistent we will move forward.

I’ve used the baby example many times and I will use it again. When they are trying to stand up and walk, they will fall down more than the steps taken but they get up and try again. As adults we are no different; we may slip and slide at times but we must keep trying.

There is another way too, we are not alone. We can join in with the various support groups that have been established; AA, women’s and men’s groups, youth groups and so on. It seems a lot easier when we see that I am not alone, there are other men or women or youth who are reaching out for the added assistance in our journey of healing. The biggest step is admitting our frailty and needing to get control back.

Once in a while the Serenity Prayer may boost your confidence and will to move forward.

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