Moving forward has become a common phrase in corporate and general gatherings of interest and concern.

In My View with Harry Maksagak

In order for this phrase to really become a reality and applied, an agreement or consensus has to be reached by the various parties. These various parties have been recognized as working partners in accomplishing a goal or objective.

Once the deliberations are complete and all have an understanding of what is needed, not necessarily what is wanted, then a policy is developed, introduced to different government or organizational institutions and then to the legislative assembly for debate then is passed under a bill and becomes a legislation or becomes law and applied in whatever area of social reform.

This seems like an easy enough exercise but for one reason or another talks can go on for weeks and months and even years before any action is applied.

Our counterparts in the western Arctic have been involved and engaged in the political arena for generations and they have learned some hard lessons in being able to recognize social and economic benefits through the establishment of community development corporations in each of the six communities that make up the Inuvialuit/Gwich’in settlement area.

They are involved in the air, sea and land transportation sectors. They have the reindeer enterprise which involves some limited sports hunting and several cultural activities that solicit guidance by their elders for the youth.

They show strong social consciousness through their friendship centres and youth centres and show extreme respect for their elders. They work very hard towards social well-being through well-organized gatherings that include everyone, youth, elders and most importantly, families.

Moving forward is not a system or regime for organized conferences where enormous amounts of funds are expended that could otherwise be applied to family services, education, justice, elders and youth and so on.

So the next time you hear someone say, “Moving forward”, make sure and ask how they intend to apply actions to their words.

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