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In My View: Our governance

As each day passes, we are beginning to see a pattern developing. The federal government seems to think that their governance is for Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The politicians are playing politics while our great country continues to feel divided and isolated.

Let's not forget that government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

From our prospective in northern sectors it seems the rest of our system is following suit.

People have embraced the legalization of cannabis, people are being recognized for volunteering but for the wrong reasons, it is cheaper to possess and purchase substances than healthy food stuffs. I could fill this page with more negatives.

Any and all services that could bring awareness or assistance is all re-active and not pro-active.

It has been said that whatever is happening at the top or head of management trickles down through the organization and the results are evident.

Christmas translates to the birth of Jesus and once again the concert presented did not depict that. There was poetry and some seasonal singing but did not outline why we have Christmas.

I understand that the city of Iqaluit Council has decided to drop the opening prayer and this is further evidence that man and his intelligence is the be all to end all. No-one wants to admit that trying to connect with our higher power helps you to realize that there is something bigger than yourself. I am fragile and broken and that I can connect to this through an opening prayer. Remember, I am writing under the opuses of expressing my view and we have the freedom of speech which is a privilege.

We are coming to the end of another year and people always say I hope for better situations ahead in the new year.

The people that you have elected to represent you in the legislative assembly have the power to facilitate social and economic change, but do they have the will or are they just feathering their nests?

We as constituents have the right to be bold with our questioning. It would be interesting to see a vote of confidence for all members of the house to see where they stand.

Social justice has a strong mandate; where there is no justice there is no peace, where there is no peace there is no justice. This covers everything about us, housing, food security, education, economic status and so as we are governed so is our health and well-being.

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