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IN MY VIEW: Our health and well-being

When we talk about health, we automatically think of our physical state, and that is true but let's not forget about our three other domains that make up our structure. These are the emotional, mental and spiritual.

In My View with Harry Maksagak
In My View with Harry Maksagak

I believe we all understand that everything about us is connected somehow. If we are scared, something snaps in our mind. If we are worried, we are shaky and unsteady. If we are anxious, we have headaches. You see where I'm going.

Our health is affected by how we feel and think. Our mind is a very powerful tool that will often make us do things or say things, whether positive or negative. A long-term health defect is directly connected to how we act or react to a situation or circumstance. Someone says something to us or about us and a trigger goes off and our body is thrown into a whirlwind of emotional or psychological turmoil that contributes to a health break-down.

We have heard many times it is a good thing to talk to somebody you trust about what is happening with you. We are very social beings and this really helps you in finding ways to cope with your situation. We all have the skills to do this and many times we just to be reminded of which way to go.

With people who work as care-givers, they often talk about undergoing debriefing so that they do not go through vicarious trauma, which simply means they are not affected by what they hear from the client or they are not directly impacted by what they hear from the client. This is referred to as a projection by the client or acquaintance. So, too, with you talking to a trusted friend.

If we keep things inside for any length of time, our body sends a signal to our brain through anger, doubt, insecurity, anxiousness and so on. If we are alert and attend to the signal, we can do something about the matter quickly. There is nothing wrong with talking, asking questions and simply expressing how we feel and think. We just have to remember to be honest and to accept what is given to us by way of suggestions and comfort.

Some of the more serious health matters may be generational; that is trauma and multiple-trauma through residential schools and repeated abuse. This may touch a nerve, but we need to talk about it, then let it go.

There are very caring and well-trained people out there to guide the talks and help develop your path to healing. All you need to do is make up your mind and be consistent in your desire for healing of the mind, body and soul.