For us to make sound judgements or positive calls we need to know what is needed and this takes awareness. Too many times we rush into something without any thought and that could be costly. We need to take the time to make sure our information is accurate and correct.

Travelling on the land is a good time to be prepared. We should have a good idea of where we are hoping to go and to have a path or trail to follow.

Most of the time we know what the terrain is like so we travel accordingly. We estimate the amount of gas we need to and from our hunting area as well as having all the necessary food stuffs and camping gear such as sleeping bags, tent and enough ammunition. We carry communication devices and we inform family how long we expect to be gone and the general area we are hunting in.

These are simple steps that will often help in the event of equipment breakdown or injury.
The same approach is needed in our engagements with those in distress and seeking extra help.

There has to be some dialogue where individuals express their situation or circumstance and every means of support is suggested for their assistance. When the individual realizes that there are places to go and people to talk with, this seems to lighten the load and boosts their confidence. People also come to terms in knowing that someone cares and is willing to listen.

In my view, we should not sit and wait if we know about a situation that could go from bad to worse.

This is where the phrase of being pro-active or re-active comes from. By being pro-active we help in taking measures or steps in changing the thinking and attitude of individuals in serious situations and circumstances and to try a different approach.

Many times this will be hard but if we want to make differences in our engagements and life we have to make up our mind and try.

Those who have the skills in communicating and more importantly, good listeners have to exercise empathy and consideration.

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