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IN MY VIEW: Reflections for the future

I was on the phone a few days ago with someone dear to my heart and we shared deep thoughts around what and who was important in our lives. It didn't take long for personal reflections to kick in.

We have become so busy being busy that people, events, anniversaries, birthdays and connections take a back seat to what we perceive as significant and precious in our lives. Somehow we leave out words from the heart for the last minute or after it is too late. In my view, we should be expressing our affection and considerations regularly in the same way as we are reminded to talk about a situation or circumstance before it builds up inside of us.

I recall sitting with my late father on his death bed and he said to me very clearly, "There will be a time when you think of me and you will shed tears. When you do, brush them from your eyes and carry on. You have your family to take care of; you have your life to live so don't dwell on my leaving you." This is the kind of conversation that should be taking place with those we consider significant in our lives.

This is not an easy topic to speak about, but those of us who have reached the plateau of maturity of our lives must let our loved ones know that we care about them and that we want the best for them. By giving them reminders and direction, this will feed them with thoughts of accountability and deepen their roots of responsibility for their children. Life is precious and we want to ensure that our children will live it to the fullest and to enjoy their children as well.

We live a fast-paced lifestyle and if we do not slow down or stop to think about or evaluate who we are and what we have, then we will miss out in our engagements in our connections with loved ones and we will regret it. As with our work life and how we balance or pace ourselves, so too in our personal life, we must learn to balance and pace ourselves so that we do not miss out on anything and everyone. Smile, laugh, cry and talk about anything and everything in your life. Take a walk, go for a ride and be totally engaged. Let those close to you know you love them, you care for them and they are on your mind. Share your thoughts and express them from your heart.