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IN MY VIEW: Taking a temperature check

In most cases, people who are going out on the land will do a quick check of the wind direction and the temperature. They get their supplies and fuel, notify someone where they are going, and off they go. They travel with anticipation of a good run with meat or furs to bring home. They also make sure their machines are in good running order with spare plugs, belt and maybe an extra ski just in case and all this is done for their safety and a successful trip.

Ever stop to do a societal, community or political temperature check? It is an interesting approach because we are all involved in this personal yet very public check. Are we at one extreme or is it status quo? In my view, we become so overwhelmed that sometimes we throw our arms up in the air and say "I give up" or "I don't understand" or "what is going on"?

Ever been there? Who do we turn to, what can we say or do? I believe if we stand up together we can bring attention to social justice, ensure affordable housing, provide for the hungry and clothe the needy.

It's too bad that now the campaigning and elections are over and done with at this time. How quickly we forget the intentions and dreams we wanted to bring to the table on behalf of our constituents. How quickly the energy and enthusiasm is taken up with political correctness and posturing.

People across Nunavut are looking for leadership and guidance as we continue to work towards autonomy and full self-reliance.

Soon our mining industry will begin reclamation work and we still don't fully understand the scope of oil and gas development and how we can be prepared for this next phase of economic development.

I think you have the idea now of taking the political temperature and where we are in terms of economic growth and stability while trying to ensure our people across Nunavut are fed, clothed and housed.

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