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IN MY VIEW: Taking matters personally

by Harry Maksagak

When someone is referred to as taking matters into their own hand, they may have varying actions or reactions to this behaviour.

This is an extreme action in my view. Let's walk through this thought.

In many of our interactions and mingling in the community, we come across situations and circumstances that kind of take you aback. Some things are expected and can be dealt with rather quickly while other matters take thought and a well-planned approach to resolution. While planning and carving out a path, we consider others in helping us along. Unfortunately some try and work things out alone. This could make the process tougher, and at times a decision is quickly made to escape or get out of a corner.

If we make rushed decisions we could harm ourselves deeply and emotionally and without realizing this we affected those close to us. How many times have you heard, "Think before you speak" or before you take action? This is not easy when the situation involves volatile and highly emotional individuals. I don't think there is any harm meant, but in the heat of the moment, things are said and done that really are hard to undo for a long time. That is why it is better to think before you say or do anything.

The extreme matter of taking things into your own hands sometimes has the right result. I think we are all familiar with the young couple with their tent outside the Nunavut legislature, a good example of causing no harm but bringing to attention the dire situation they are in. Hopefully we won't see more of this kind of situation but there are times we have to do this.

In today's society and the circumstances around over-crowding of homes, this does lead to people taking matters into their own hands, who can end up having to face the judge and serious separation from their loved ones.