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IN MY VIEW: The walk of life

As we walk on life's path, we go through many experiences – whether positive or negative, good or bad. Every one of us lives this.

In My View with Harry Maksagak
In My View with Harry Maksagak

I believe this is where we put the pieces of the puzzle in order.

The biggest influence on your interpretation of events actually starts at home. Most of us come from a moderate-sized home and the interactions of these closest members will somehow shape what's ahead.

When you are allowed to voice your thoughts and opinions freely, you get the sense of being considered and included in the large group engagements, and this carries on into your private and public life in confidence and awareness.

Your opinions may not necessarily be accepted as expressed, but you did your part in giving consideration to a situation or circumstance.

Having this voice will enable you to begin speaking for those who are not listened to or heard. You can be their voice in times of distress or seeking answers.

There are times of confusion when information is not clear and when answers are hard to come by confusion turns to anger, negative reaction or withdrawal.

Having discipline instilled in a child is a good example of this. You say no to a child for his or her safety. You say no to a child when you know that they cannot carry out the responsible use and operation of a quad or other motorized vehicle. There are rules around these modes of transportation and if the child does not understand these rules and regulations and attempts to drive without permission, bad things happen.

We have to take the time to explain why there are permits and licences to allow us safe operating techniques and awareness. When the child rebels and does not take the advice of siblings or the parents, there are consequences. When the child goes ahead and does things without due consideration, they end up in trouble. If this is not checked early, they are breaking rules and laws and find themselves incarcerated because they could not get their way.

This walk of life can be interesting, rewarding and influential. All we have to do is be self-aware and public-aware, then we will be walking with others.