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IN MY VIEW: Tread carefully with nepotism

The word 'nepotism' goes back in history as early as the mid-1400s and the term means 'the practice of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs at the expense of releasing current workers' and unfortunately it still shows its ugly head in today's society. With the high cost of living coupled with the shortage of housing, this practice must be addressed head on.

In any business or corporation, we always hope that we have enough manpower to complete whatever project we are engaged in. Some projects are seasonal while others are year-round. In trying to ensure that our cash flow and accounting system covers all necessary costs, including goods and services and wages, there are times when we try and find the easiest way around this.

I don't think there is anything wrong with asking a close friend or family members to help out periodically but we need to make sure and watch carefully how this is perceived by the public in general and for how long this might proceed.

In My View with Harry Maksagak
In My View with Harry Maksagak

We also have to consider very carefully the head-count in our firm. Will I have enough resources to cover the current man-power and would there be temporary layoffs if I decide to add to the project of the day.

We always look at the everyday situation carefully and consider all the logistics and finances behind what we are doing. I would suggest that sometimes we overlook this kind of manoeuvre in our business world but we must always be careful and cognizant that the business bureau and watch-dogs of enterprise are aware of our activities on a random basis so we must have any and all answers ready when approached.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well and this certainly helps in the gaps of finding employment out there but we have to follow the guidelines and principles behind operating our own business venture.

In a word of encouragement and in following the IQ Principles, let's respect others, relationships and caring for people, serving and providing for family and/or community, working together for a common cause.