We are heading into a season that will seem a bit easier than a short time ago, but I don’t know that things will be any better. People are hungry, people still need homes, and people need encouragement in securing employment. Many of our government jobs and positions are still being given to non-Inuit and to those who really do not understand the people, customs and traditions.

If we have been paying attention to what the IQ Principles are trying to instill in us, we see that an attitude of outreach from each individual is needed to maintain peace and order. Social justice clearly indicates that where there is no justice, there is no peace, and where there is no peace, there is no justice. The sense of putting self aside and scrapping personal agendas to making sure our neighbour is okay; children are off the streets by 10 p.m. and can sleep in peace and quiet. Those who are struggling with addictions, including gambling and substance abuse, can know that there are programs and services available for them as they embark on their journey of recovery.

No man is an island and we begin to understand that agencies and people need each other. Perhaps there should be a stronger emphasis on being assertive and broadcast where services are available and who is able to facilitate these much-needed schemes of recovery.

If we hope to have our locals engage in the public sector, whether in government or private practices, they (we) must be balanced and well in order to be effective and to make a difference. What exactly do we mean balanced? In my view, being balanced means to be able to take the good with the not so good. There are times of frustration, anxiety, anger and bewilderment; when we can work through these given emotions that came with the different situations and circumstances and still maintain our composure and have a sense of control, I believe this shows our maturity in being balanced.

This is not a one-time event. This is a daily exercise and the more we understand where our emotions are coming from and what influenced these emotions, the clearer the path to being balanced becomes.

Let’s work together for a common cause, let’s be mindful of others, let’s put ourselves aside and serve and provide. As we do these selfless acts, we develop the skills that are already within us and we become more open welcoming and inclusive.

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