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All the ingredients for giving thanks

At your service! Ready to serve the elders are, from left, Zachary Milukshuk, Skylor Tiktalik, Masyn Pigalak, Nicolas Ongahak, Alana Nivingalok, Patrick Akana and Seigha Avalak.
photo courtesy of Megan Plummer

A Christmas tea for elders was held at Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik on Dec. 8. Students, who baked snacks for the guests, were given the opportunity to practise their Inuit values, including havaqatigiiniq: working together; tunngahuktittiniq: welcoming elders and community members to the school; and, kivgaqtuiniq: service to family and community.








Elders Pihoak Kokak, Mary Manigyogina, Mavis Mulgrew and George Hayohok are seated and savouring the treats at Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik.
photo courtesy of Megan Plummer



Student Toriee Enogaloak, right, carries a tray of food to share with elders, clockwise, Katie Niptanatiak (in light blue), Komek Nivingalok, Bobby Anavilok, Marjorie Havioyak, Mary Manigyogina and Joe Graham Novoligak.
photo courtesy of Megan Plummer



Patrick Akana, Toriee Enogaloak and Garrett Taptuna mix the batter in preparation for loading the muffin tray while in the kitchen at nearby Kugluktuk High School, where the baking took place.
photo courtesy of Rachel Green