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Inuktitut and a slice of Inuit culture in the concrete jungle

Approximately 15 people took part in an Inuktitut workshop through the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Aug. 13-17.

The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto offered Inuktitut lessons, including a study of syllabics, earlier this month.

Participants learned from three Toronto-based Inuktitut instructors, said Maggie Campaigne, community culture coordinator for the centre.

Not only did they work on pronunciation and syllabics, there was throat-singing, drum dancing, making ulu bracelets out of beads, creating felt wall hangings and playing Arctic games. Some seal meat was served one day, "which was a real treat," said Campaigne.

"It wasn't all just in-class language language practise, it was also activities and crafts," she said.

The Native Canadian Centre has an opening for a full-time Inuktitut teacher to continue furthering the language, Campaigne noted.

"We're hoping someone fills that position and starts fairly soon," she said.