Welcome to sunny Cambridge Bay.

Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
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This past week we had many visitors attending meetings and hearings. Hope you all enjoyed visiting our wonderful community.
Weather has been warming up as spring is here, and the longer daylight hours with plenty of sunshine is exciting. Many residents will soon head out to go geese hunting as geese finally arrived in our community. Be safe when hunting and camping.
Our school children have been busy heading out on the land for day trips, bringing their lunches and sunglasses and enjoying the spring weather.
Spring is much celebrated up here on Victoria Island as we usually have very cold winters, so once spring is here, everyone gets excited to start heading out on the land to get their camps ready and also to stay outdoors longer with warmer weather, which is very welcomed here in Cambridge Bay.
Last week we had so many visitors to our community, with our MLA Jeannie Ehaloak home, Elisapee Sheutiapik and Nunavut Housing Corporation officials and a whole of student ladies from the Nunavut government’s Pilimmaksaivik leadership program, so it was an Iqaluit Week in Cambridge Bay.
Congratulations to all those who graduated from the Pilimmaksaivik leadership program – we hope you all enjoyed your visit to our wonderful community. It was very encouraging to see all these Inuit women taking a program to enhance their future goals and to get to see the hub of the Kitikmeot.
Many visitors from the south also attending NIRB/TMAC hearings who enjoyed the outstanding food at the local restaurants in Cambridge Bay.
Our little community is now growing so fast, and with CHARS here, it has been busy with tours and this beautiful facility. Soon the grand opening of CHARS will happen, we understand in July. Good luck to all involved in getting CHARS all built, set and ready for opening.
Have a great spring everyone, remember to get your children to wear sunglasses to avoid snow blindness. Adults, too. Be safe out on the land, the ice when traveling also. Take good care.
God be with you son. Happy 1st birthday to Alexis Dawn.

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