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Iqaluit's Big Racks Barbecue restaurant catches fire

Big Racks Barbecue restaurant has temporarily shut its doors after a morning fire.

The aftermath of a fire at Big Racks Barbecue restaurant in Iqaluit. Rajnesh Sharma / NNSL photo

On Nov. 5, at approximately 7:29 a.m. the fire was seen at the Iqaluit restaurant.

The Iqaluit Fire Department arrived to the scene with 16 members. Upon their arrival, there was smoke billowing from the roof.

The fire inside the building was subdued by the crew. There were no casualties or reported injuries.

Around 12:15 p.m., only two firefighters were spotted at the scene. They appeared to be investigating and taking photographs.

There was a pile of debris, including a chair, near the entrance of the restaurant. The area around the restaurant was taped off.

The extent of interior damage is still unknown. The reason for the fire at this time is also unknown.

Nunavut News was unable to reach the owner of the restaurant.

A pile of debris found at the entrance of the restaurant. Rajnesh Sharma / NNSL photo
The entire restaurant has been taped off. Rajnesh Sharma / NNSL photo