Iqaluit’s new city council was officially sworn in with a ceremony at the Nunavut Court of Justice, around 5:30 p.m on Nov. 5. A small crowd of 40, including family and friends, came to witness the event. It was conducted by Justice of the Peace Lucy Wilson.

The new Iqaluit city council being sworn in. From the left: Kyle Sheppard, Janet Brewster, Romeyn Stevenson, Kenneth Bell, Simon Nattaq, Solomon Awa, Joanasie Akumalik and Malaiya Lucassie.
Rajnesh Sharma / NNSL photo

Mayor Kenneth Bell and seven city councillors recited their oaths of office.

The official mayoral necklace was presented to Mayor Bell by Rod Mugford, city clerk of Iqaluit. The necklace consisted of joined harpoons and a silver plate with fish.

“I am very honoured and humbled by the support of the Iqaluit voters,” said Bell. “I congratulate the new council and I look forward to getting to work with council for city staff and Iqaluimmuit.”

The new city council consists of Janet Brewster, Joanasie Akumalik, Solomon Awa, Sheila Flaherty, Malaiya Lucassie, Simon Nattaq, Romeyn Stevenson and Kyle Sheppard.

All council members, except Sheila Flaherty were present at the event.

Some top priorities for councillors are solving the city’s infrastructure and water issues.
Coun. Kyle Sheppard and Coun. Joanasie Akumalik are also interested in transportation and cemetery issues respectively.

Councillor Solomon Awa at Iqaluit’s swearing in ceremony.
Rajnesh Sharma / NNSL photo

Councillor Flaherty was unable to attend due to prior travel commitments. She will officially take her oath of office on Nov. 21 during a council meeting.

The members will be serving on the council from 2019 to 2023.

After the brief ceremony, the new council along with family and friend attended a small reception at the Aquatic Centre.

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