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July fun in Baker Lake

Youth have been able to indulge in a wide variety of activities through a summer camp made possible by the Hamlet of Baker Lake. Close to 130 children registered for summer camp and about 80 of them show up daily for events organized by age group, according to camp supervisor Alysa Ookowt. The program wrapped up at the end of July.

A hike up the nearby hill, known locally as kingngatnaaq, offers a wonderful view of Baker Lake on a splendid summer afternoon. From left, Hilarie Quinangaq, Selena Narkyagik and Kimberly Quinangaq take in the scenery.
photos courtesy of Alysa Ookowt 

This balloon has a smiling face, just like the one Latricia Pattunguyak is sporting.

Johnson-James Narkyagik alters his expression in an animated fashion during the arts and crafts activities at a Baker Lake summer camp in July.

Sylar Autut and Chase-Connor Tiktaalaaq do some baking. A variety of cakes went into the oven as a summer camp snack.

Players race to get a ball – and to avoid getting hit – in a game of dodgeball on the artificial turf in the Baker Lake arena.