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Kiilinik student reflects on Asian adventure

Weary but thrilled Kiilinik High School travellers returned from a trip to Asia on April 24.

The Kiilinik High School travellers take a seat after spending a day at Disneyland in Hong Kong, shortly before heading back to Canada. The group included Corbyn Klengenberg, Patti Bligh, Mackenzie Otokiak, Dasha Erickson, Sasha Evetalegak, Rhea Nakashook, Cyril Angulalik, Kieran Evalik, Teghan Angulalik, Ashley Evalik, Dustin Sim, Deanna Taylor, Nicolas Tologanak, Aislyn Omilgoetok and Jaiden Maksagak. photos courtesy of Aislyn Omilgoetok

Fifteen students and seven chaperones spent seven days touring Vietnam and two days in Hong Kong, including a day at Disneyland.

A sample of the intriguing rock formations and vegetation in Vietnam.

"My favourite part of the whole trip would probably be the water puppet show we watched in our last day in Vietnam," said student Aislyn Omilgoetok, referring to the traditional form of entertainment based in a shallow pool of water. "They did about 30 different short plays that represented stories. My favourite story to watch was one about (a) guy fishing. They had other stories about the their culture and beliefs."

A night scene in urban Vietnam.

The blistering weather was a challenge for the Cambridge Bay group to adapt to with temperatures climbing as high as 44 C when the humidity was taken into account.

The entire journey lasted more than two weeks with the initial flight taking the students and supervisors to Yellowknife and then to Edmonton for two nights. They boarded the next plane to Vancouver and then had a 13-hour flight to Hong Kong. From there, they flew to Ho Chi Minh City, home to 8.6 million people. Subsequent stops included Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue, before returning to Hong Kong.

The trip participants raised funds for their trek by holding bingos and selling coffee and treats through "Cafe Asia."

The countryside in Vietnam, as seen through the lens of Aislyn Omilgoetok's camera.