Modern technology will meet age-old hunting knowledge in Kugluktuk as some local harvesters are being trained to use electronic tablets through the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s Community-Based Monitoring Network.

The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s Community-Based Monitoring Network enables hunters to enter wildlife, weather and ice conditions data into a tablet. That information is later uploaded into a master database. Pixabay photo

Harvesters are asked to take an electronic tablet with them when they go out on the land and record the results of their hunts as well as any other significant animal, weather and freezing and thawing observations, explained Amanda Dumond, manager of the Kugluktuk Hunters and Trappers Organization.

“I’m anticipating a lot of participation from harvesters here as people become aware of the program,” said Dumond, who added that the monitoring network is already established in several Nunavut communities. “Any kind of data that we can store, upload, gather, especially with climate change and all the caribou herds we have, it will be nice to have as much information as we can get for possible answers in the future.”

There is additional incentive provided as harvesters who participate in the program will be eligible for draws for hunting equipment and accessories.

A part-time data clerk will be hired to compile and upload the information to a database and to provide instruction to harvesters who are introduced to the program in the future.

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