Kugluktuk can proceed with plans for Nunavut’s first new diesel power plant with 500-kilowatts of solar capacity as $20.5 million in federal funding was announced in Iqaluit on August 19.

Bruno Pereira, president and CEO of Qulliq Energy Corporation, discusses the new diesel/solar power plant to be built in Kugluktuk during a funding announcement in Iqaluit on Monday.
Michele LeTourneau/NNSL photo

Qulliq Energy Corporation is contributing $7.8 million towards the project.

It will entail replacement of the current power plant’s entire building structure, and installation of a new heating and cooling system, fuel supply system, storage area, and waste management area, according to a news release from the federal government.

“This upgraded facility, with solar panels and fuel-efficient generators, will lessen the impact on the environment by using less fuel, being quieter, and reducing emissions,” Kugluktuk Mayor Ryan Nivingalok stated.

Bruno Pereira, president and CEO of Qulliq Energy Corporation, added, “By prioritizing renewable energy system integration in the new Kugluktuk power plant, both solar and fuel-efficient diesel systems will supply electricity to the community. Continued federal funding contributions will support QEC’s move towards cleaner energy sources.”

Kugluktuk’s existing power plant was installed in 1968.

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