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Kugluktuk Rangers scout for new range

Eighteen members of the Kugluktuk Ranger patrol geared up and mounted their snowmobiles on a mission to identify a new winter shooting range on Jan. 25. Sgt. Roger Hitkolok said the location they selected is approximately 30 km from the community.The Rangers are looking forward to testing new C-19 rifles in April and may add a few new members to their unit that month, said Hitkolok.

Bearing the Canadian flag, members of the Kugluktuk Rangers depart the community on a mission to find a new shooting range on Jan. 25.
photo courtesy of the Kugluktuk Rangers
Roger Hitkolok has been a sergeant with the Ranger patrol in Kugluktuk for close to 25 years.
The headlights from Rangers’ snowmobiles pierce the darkness as they traverse the landscape outside of Kugluktuk in late January.
Eighteen Rangers from Kugluktuk took part in an excursion to identify a new shooting range in late January. The Rangers are expecting new C-19 rifles to be delivered in April.
From left, Master Cpl. David Enogaloak, Master Cpl. Floyd Kaitak, M Cpl. Baba Pedersen and Sgt. Roger Hitkolok take care of some administrative duties.