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Kugluktuk voters choose to remove alcohol restrictions

The existing limitations on alcohol in Kugluktuk will soon be gone.

Voters in Kugluktuk were 60.8 per cent in favour of lifting liquor restrictions in Monday's plebiscite.
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Those in favour of eliminating restrictions on liquor prevailed, but, at 60.8 per cent, it was just barely over the required margin.

A 60 per cent majority was needed for the proposal to pass in Monday's plebiscite.

Those preferring to lift restrictions numbered 281 while 181 were opposed.

Voter turnout was 67.7 per cent, according to Elections Nunavut, which oversaw the voting process.

Existing maximums through the Kugluktuk Alcohol Education Committee, per order, were: two 60-ounce bottles and two 40-ounce bottles of spirits, 48 cans of beer and four litres of wine. Those orders could be placed every two weeks, if approved by the committee.

The alcohol education committee will now be dissolved.

The question on the ballot read: "Are you in favour of ending the current system of liquor restriction in Kugluktuk and having an unrestricted system where only the general liquor laws of Nunavut apply?"

Baker Lake also voted in favour of removing alcohol restrictions earlier this year. It was a narrow margin of victory there as well, with 60.1 per cent in favour in January.