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Photos: Kugluktuk’s junior page turners indulge in books

Reading is a regular activity for students at Jimmy Hikok School in Kugluktuk. The young learners, along with teaching staff, recently spent an extra 20 minutes engrossed in books to mark Family Literacy Day.

Pihuak Kokak reads aloud a book about whales to student Nicholas Oviluk at Jimmy Hikok Ilihakvik in Kugluktuk. Photos courtesy of Naomi Tremblay
Theresa Novoligak gets comfortable in a big chair to look through the pages of a superheroes book.
A good book can be enjoyed practically anywhere. Braxton Allen finds a doorway to lean against while immersing himself in some children’s fiction.
Kyla Klengenberg appears pleased to be learning about household items.
Martina Okheena, Pauline Oviluk, Mary Jean Pigalak, Crystal Anavilok and Ruby Klengenberg spend their extra 20 minutes devoted to reading gathered together at Jimmy Hikok Iilihakvik in Kugluktuk.